Develor x-learning concept

Training is a process, not an event.

Develor’s X-Learning concept is
a way to extend the learning
both in time and in depth.

More and more organizations recognize the impact of the Brinkerhof study: The effect of any people development strongly depends on what we do before and after the training.

Our colleagues spend precious time on training courses and we spend precious money on these expenses. What can we expect from these courses in return? Or, can we expect anything in return?

Learning Process

  • Before

    Greeting and tune-in for participants
    Sharing learning contents: videos, articles, e-books
    Trainers’ introduction
    Survey on needs, expectations
    Measurement of knowledge
    Space for virtual socializing prior the course

  • During

    Voting and quiz activities
    Real-time charts
    Checking understanding of new knowledge

  • After

    Measurement of gained knowledge
    Feedback on course
    Implementation support activities
    Commitment Tracking, as implementation support tool

What is EnterTraining?

EnterTraining is an online application that supports the X-Learning concept. It is more then a simple e-learning tool. EnterTraining is an individual learning space for all participants of the training in the preparation, during the training and also after the course. EnterTraining features:

  • Personal account for each participant
  • Space for socializing and communication
  • Space for sharing of related content: files, videos, articles
  • Quiz and survey center
  • Personal Feedback Engine
  • Commitment Tracking – Implementation support
  • Analysis and report functions

State-of-the-art Online Application

Data is Secured

Data is stored on a Develor server secured. Participants have their own account which is accessible with their password. Privacy policy makes sensitive data invisible for unauthorized parties.

Responsive Web Interface

Modern, HTML5 web design, makes it easy to use on any kind of device from a 22’’ HD monitor to an Android smart phone with a smaller display screen. Participants can access content on the train home, or in the office.

Easy to use application design

No help, no user guide, simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to use. No unnecessary functions, buttons, texts, only the essential. Tips and tricks popups – upon users’ choice – provide with useful instructions mainly from conceptional aspects.

Implementation Support

Develor helps participants to keep the level of consciousness high

  • Repeated knowledge tests or quizzes after the course to strengthen the most important learnings.
  • Post-course Learning materials, like inspirational videos, e-readings, audiobooks.
  • In-class or virtual (webinar) meeting with the group to share implementation experiences and get new inspiration for the next steps.
  • Building a community that supports its members in personal improvement.

Commitment Tracking

A tool to support the culture of feedback giving and personal improvement

We encourage our participants to give constructive feedback to each other not only on the course but afterwards, too. We believe that personal achievements happen in a supportive community faster and easier.

  • Phrasing a SMART goal and record it in the application.
  • Defining key activities and behaviors.
  • Making your commitment public and ask for structured feedback and support.
  • Planning a schedule for reviews.
  • Analyzing the progress.

Continous Support and Development

We never stop improving our application. Updates, bug fixes happen seamlessly, without warning or disturbing members of our learning community.

Our support is at your service. If one fails to proceed because of any type of issue, we are there to help as soon as possible.

We are opened for suggestions. We happily receive any suggestions or comments on the application from our users and put the bests into reality quickly.

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